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Insurance &
Payment Policies

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Beacon Psychiatry is credentialed with several insurance companies. Our in-network contracts are continuously expanding as we get credentialed with more. Please call our office for an up-to-date list. If you are a subscriber of any of the insurance companies that Beacon Psychiatry contracts with, the office will bill your insurer directly. Your co-pay or any applicable deductible amount is expected to be made at each visit. It is also the patient’s responsibility to verify that all prior authorizations/referrals are received from your Primary Care Provider prior to date of service, if applicable.

For our private pay and out-of-network patients, full payment is required at the time of service. A statement receipt can be provided to those who plan to submit a reimbursement request to their insurer for reimbursement via a superbill.  You may consider the using the app Reimbursify to help in submitting the superbill directly to your insurance at Please contact your insurance company to verify your benefits and level of reimbursement for out-of-network services. We also recommend that you inquire with your insurance company if you are required to obtain prior authorization for treatment. 

Please note, Beacon Psychiatry CANNOT accept any MEDICAID patients, even as cash pay patients, per their policies for private pay clinics.

Credit cards

We require TWO credit cards on file to provide any evaluation or treatment services to cover any co-pay, deductible, outstanding balance, or missed appointment fee (please see Financial Policies). All payments are due at the time of service. We accept all major credit/debit cards, cash, and check.

*Please note: Child and adolescent patients, as well as patients with 3 or more psychiatric diagnoses, may need 2-3 visits before specific diagnoses and treatment can be initiated. This is to ensure diagnostic accuracy and treatment recommendations are tailored specifically for patients’ individual needs.

*Please note: Self pay / out of network rates as well as any other applicable fees can be discussed by calling the office directly.

No Show Fees

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