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Guiding Minds, Healing Hearts: Beacon Psychiatry - Where Holistic Care Meets Compassionate Expertise for All Ages.

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We are a team of clinicians with a diverse background, up-to-date knowledge, skills and expertise in mental health care. We provide a personalized, integrative and holistic approach in the treatment of psychiatric and psychological disorders in a private, professional setting. Whether in the comfort of your living room or in our clinic, we deliver the highest standard of care in the treatment of mental illness across the spectrum of psychiatric disorders and age groups. 





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Trish Phuong Dinh, MD

Psychiatrist, President and CEO

Dr. Dinh has resided in the Tampa Bay area since 1991. Having lived in all three counties of Pasco, Pinellas, and Hillsborough, she is passionate about the mental health of our local community. Dr. Dinh earned a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences with a minor in Biomedical Physics at the University of South Florida. She graduated Magna Cum Laude with a 4.0 GPA, earning the King O’Neal Scholar Award for the highest GPA in her graduating college class.

Dr. Dinh then went on to attend medical school at USF Morsani College of Medicine where she produced multiple research publications, abstracts, and posters. During her year of clinical research at the Byrd Alzheimer’s Institute, Dr. Dinh completed five abstracts and posters on the topic of schizophrenia. Dr. Dinh’s passion for learning and excelling at what she does continued to be evident as she received awards in medical school for Clinical Excellence in the Neuropsychiatry Clerkship for 2014-2015 and Outstanding Student in Psychiatry for 2015-2016. As the locals say, USF stands for “You Stay Forever.” Carrying on the Bull pride, Dr. Dinh also attended USF Health for her General Psychiatry Residency. During her second year of residency, Dr. Dinh was recognized for her commitment to and excellence in teaching with the Outstanding Teaching by a Resident award for 2017-2018.

Living with mental illness is just as, if not more, challenging than living with a physical illness. Dr. Dinh understands that just because an illness can’t be seen, that doesn’t mean it’s not there. She is empathetic to the suffering and struggles that patients with mental illness experience as she has multiple family members who have ADHD, anxiety, depression, OCD and/or PTSD. Advocating for the proper mental health treatment of her family members and patients is a priority for her as she has witnessed the profound effect successful psychiatric treatment can have on improving one’s quality of life.

When you see Dr. Dinh for psychiatric care, you can be confident that you’re seeing a Psychiatrist who is knowledgeable, passionate about educating her patients about their diagnoses and treatment, understanding, compassionate and empathetic. Dr. Dinh treats her patients with the same courtesy, respect and care that she expects for her family members when they receive care from their Physicians and other clinicians.

Valerie Verzi
Practice Administrator

Our Practice Administrator, Valerie (Val) Verzi, comes to us with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration & a minor in Healthcare Administration and over two decades of business management and development experience in the medical field. Valerie’s business achievements are a small reflection of her talents and attributes. It was her relationships with patients and the positive impact she had in their lives that is most memorable and noteworthy. She believes that a warm smile, comforting hug, and a gentle touch of the hand still goes a long way when it comes to healthcare. This humbling compassion and empathy continues in her interactions with patients here at our practice. 

Guillermo (Moe) Chavez
Guillermo (Moe) Chavez
Patient Coordinator

Guillermo (Moe) Chavez is the Patient Coordinator at Beacon Psychiatry. Friendly and professional, he is always ready to offer guidance, answer questions, and ease concerns. He is the voice patients hear on the phone when they call the office and the face they see first when they walk in the door. He helps patients get checked in for appointments, fill out paperwork, navigate the office, and schedule follow-up visits.

Moe moved to the Tampa Bay area 24 years ago. Soon after arriving, he began his career in healthcare. During his 20+ years as a Patient Coordinator, Moe has worked for medical practices with specialties ranging from primary care to pain management to dermatology. His experience has taught him to be reliable, yet adaptable. He sees each person as an individual deserving of empathy and respect, and he is adept at guiding patients and their families through the process of accessing care.

Moe strongly supports Beacon Psychiatry’s mission to serve and care for a diverse patient population. Born in Nicaragua and raised in Miami, Moe enjoys sharing his Latin culture with others. He is also a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community and can relate to many of the stigmas and obstacles LGBTQ+ patients may experience. He wants anyone who seeks help at Beacon Psychiatry to know they will be accepted as they are.

With a desire to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable, Moe can often be spotted greeting patients with a friendly smile, offering a compliment to brighten their day, or pointing out the bean bag chairs to Beacon Psychiatry’s youngest visitors. Returning patients are sometimes surprised to find that Moe remembers to ask how they enjoyed the restaurant or concert they mentioned they were planning to attend at their last appointment. His goal is to build positive relationships through warm interactions, making visits both easy and enjoyable.

Jessica Glover, MD
Bariatric & Weight Management Specialist

Dr. Jessica Glover is an Internal Medicine Physician and weight loss specialist. While she enjoys helping anyone achieve their ideal weight, her primary focus is on reducing medication burden and improving the overall health of patients with weight-related illnesses. These may include arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and liver disease, among many others. She creates personalized nutrition and weight loss plans centered around the unique lifestyle and dietary needs of each and every patient while further supporting patients with medications to accelerate weight loss when appropriate.

Dr. Glover is a Florida native, born and raised in Tampa, Florida. She attended the University of South Florida for her undergraduate and medical education. She has extensive research in the field of robotic lung surgery and atrial fibrillation. She has conducted and presented her research all over the world, including Italy and Switzerland. She returned to the United States for her residency in Internal Medicine in 2017 where she shifted her research to the psychological impact of stress on medical professionals. She now serves as an Assistant Professor of Medicine at her alma mater as a Hospital Medicine Physician for the USF Physicians Group at Tampa General Hospital in addition to her role as a weight management Physician.

Nicole Ashburn
Physician Assistant

Nicole Ashburn is a Physician Assistant who earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with a minor in Neuroscience. She graduated with highest distinction from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Nicole went on to complete her Master of Medical Science degree in Physician Assistant Studies, achieving higher grades than any other student in her program at Charleston Southern University.

While Nicole enjoys working with patients of all populations, she is especially passionate about providing care to adolescents. In her last position, she worked closely with teenagers struggling with suicidal ideation, eating disorders, mood dysregulation, and trauma. Nicole is also an advocate for making mental health services more accessible for anyone who needs them. She has volunteered her time and expertise at various nonprofit organizations, helping care for survivors of domestic violence and assisting at a clinic that brings free medical care to low-income and uninsured members of the community.

Nicole’s approach to patient care centers around relationship-building, patience, and attentiveness. She builds trust with her patients by listening to them, offering support, and allowing each person to open up to her at their own pace. She strives to always facilitate a nonjudgmental, relaxed environment where others feel safe to express themselves freely. She takes the time to ensure each patient fully understands their diagnosis and treatment plan. She loves hearing their unique life stories and celebrating with them when they achieve their goals. Knowledgeable, yet approachable, Nicole sees herself as both a medical expert and a confidante. She enjoys working at a practice like Beacon Psychiatry where she can collaborate with other mental health professionals who share her objective of providing highly personal and individualized care.

David Dinh
Medical Scribe

David Dinh is a medical scribe with 5 years of clinical experience across multiple specialties including Emergency Medicine, Hematology/Oncology, and Psychiatry. David graduated from USF in 2016 with his Bachelor’s degree in Health Science. From there, he worked to become a Chief Scribe and Project Manager tasked with establishing and maintaining scribing programs in Tampa, FL, Tallahassee, FL, New Orleans, LA, and Cleveland, OH. 

Lordieza “Lordie” Aguelo
Administrative Assistant
Lordieza (Lordie) Aguelo is an Administrative Assistant at Beacon Psychiatry.  While much of her work occurs behind the scenes, Lordie plays a vital role in supporting our practitioners and therapists, allowing them to focus more of their attention on patient care.  Her efficiency and attention to detail keep the office running smoothly, and her sunny disposition puts a smile on the face of staff and patients alike.
Born and raised in the Philippines, Lordie earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy from the University of Perpetual Help System DALTA.  After graduation, she worked as a pharmacist for several years before starting her own pharmaceutical distribution company.  Running a business taught her to always remain adaptable, persevere through a challenge, set daily goals, and develop strong interpersonal skills.
At Beacon Psychiatry, Lordie assists with a variety of tasks that streamline daily operations and enable our providers to make timely and informed decisions for our patients.  She prepares chart notes detailing each patient’s history, concerns, needs, diagnosis, and treatment plan.  She verifies prescription details, tracks lab results, and coordinates requests with other healthcare providers.  She diligently organizes the information she gathers and ensures patient records are always accurate and complete.

Ready to lend a helping hand, Lordie also steps in as needed to assist with scheduling appointments, answering questions, and relaying messages between providers and patients.  In her view, no concern is too small to receive a compassionate and attentive response.  She wants others to always feel seen and heard, and she offers each patient the same respect, understanding, and care that she would offer a friend or family member.

Thirslon Williams
Thirslon Williams, LMHC
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Thirslon Williams is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor specializing in cognitive behavioral therapy and solution-focused therapy. She offers in-person and virtual therapy sessions for adults, teenagers, couples, and families. Thirslon completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Social Work at the University of South Florida. She went on to attend Nova Southeastern University, earning her Master of Science degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

Born and raised in Tampa Bay, Thirslon has provided counseling and case management at local hospitals, businesses, and nonprofits. As a behavioral therapist for a psychiatric treatment center, she diagnosed and treated patients struggling with a wide range of mental health issues. As a case manager, she served as an advocate, helping clients obtain medical care, social support, housing, and educational resources. She has also worked extensively with seniors, connecting them with mental health services and supporting their goals of living independently for as long as possible.

Thirslon’s experience enables her to quickly assess patients, understand the root cause of their problems, and offer realistic and tangible solutions. She begins by asking questions and listening. Then she works closely with her patients to identify specific strategies they can use to break cycles of unhealthy behavior and create positive changes in their lives. As they move forward with implementing those strategies, Thirslon is there every step of the way to offer empathy, direction, and support.
Trained in a variety of therapeutic modalities, Thirslon chooses the one that best meets the needs of each patient’s unique situation. She frequently uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, Visualization, Motivational Interviewing, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Person-Centered Therapy. She has completed intensive training in Exposure and Ritual Prevention Therapy, designed to help patients with OCD reduce their anxiety and gain control over their impulses. Her skill with Prolonged Exposure Therapy helps patients with PTSD work through painful memories in a safe and supportive environment.

Thirslon is passionate about breaking down the social and cultural barriers that sometimes prevent people from asking for help. She believes therapy can benefit people from all walks of life, and making the choice to talk openly about a problem is the first step toward solving it. She wants to reassure anyone considering therapy for the first time that there is no need to feel shame or fear retaliation. If you are struggling, you don’t have to do it alone. You can talk with someone who will support you, help you navigate your fear or grief, and help you problem-solve. Her office is a safe space for people to talk openly about their problems and find real solutions to live healthier and happier lives.

Donna Ford, RMHC
Donna Ford, RMHC

Donna Ford is a Provisional Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Registered Behavior Technician specializing in behavior modification and strength-based strategies.  She offers both in-person and virtual therapy sessions to patients of all ages.  Donna earned her Master of Science degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Walden University.  She completed her certification in Positive Behavior Support through the graduate program at the University of South Florida.  She is also certified in nonviolent crisis prevention and intervention.

Donna’s experience spans a variety of settings from hospitals to schools to private organizations.  She has counseled patients in the midst of acute mental health crises, individuals struggling with substance use, and adults with multiple diagnoses.  As the lead clinician for a geriatrics unit, Donna treated seniors with severe mental health issues.  In addition to providing exceptional care, she ensured her patients were always treated with dignity.  In other positions, Donna has counseled children and adolescents.  While working at a charter middle school, she led the school-wide implementation of a Positive Behavior Supports system, improving student behavior and creating an environment more conducive to learning.

The diversity of Donna’s patients reflects her desire to make a meaningful impact in the life of every person she meets.  To achieve that impact, she has many therapeutic techniques in her toolbox.  The range of her knowledge allows her to offer a person-centered approach tailored to an individual’s needs and circumstances.  She is trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Client-Centered Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Exposure Therapy, Adlerian Therapy, Emotion-Focused Therapy, Grief Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Play Therapy, Strengths-Based Therapy, Positive Reinforcement, Behavior Reduction Strategies, Cognitive Restructuring, and Mindfulness.

Donna believes the relationship between a patient and their therapist should be collaborative.  She involves her patients every step of the way when developing their treatment plan.  Offering guidance and support, she frequently helps them resolve conflicts in their interpersonal relationships, navigate struggles with employment or finances, cope with loss, deepen their emotional intelligence, and make positive behavior changes.

One of Donna’s greatest strengths is her ability to develop an organic, authentic rapport with others.  She approaches her patients without judgment and with an abundance of compassion.  She wants to provide a safe place where they can talk freely about anything holding them back from accomplishing their dreams.  She strives to help her patients persevere in the face of self-doubt, stop engaging in negative self-talk, forgive themselves for their mistakes, and embrace their own strengths.  Her goal is to help each person find solutions to build a peaceful, productive, and purpose-driven life.

Alyssa Siegworth, PA-C
Physician Assistants
Courtney Barnes-Harrington, PA-C
Physician Assistants


Your Happiness is Our Happiness

March 22, 2024
Absolutely amazing. Moe and Dr. Dinh were so nice and helpful. Unfortunately, I'm moving out of state and unable to continue my appointments, but what time I did have with them helped me tremendously. Thank you so much, I truly appreciate all of you.
ann rhodes
March 21, 2024
Very friendly and professional staff. Dr Dinh is wonderful. I like her philosophy of limiting polypharmacy
Julie Lambdin Merritt
March 21, 2024
So far so good! I've seen the psych doctor and I'm getting signed up for therapies right there also! It's so great they're all at the same place. Great staff so far of who I've met. Thank you Val, Mo and Doctor Linh (?)
Isabel Kaiser
March 21, 2024
I’ve been to a few psychiatry practices and this is by far the best! Very thorough evaluation, medication management, and course of therapy. I always appreciate the helpful and kind staff and easy to use portal system.
Christopher White
March 21, 2024
Beacon has the best staff always friendly! Beacon is very caring and concerned ,and listening to their clients.
Denise Bybee
March 21, 2024
Everyone on the staff is very welcoming and helpful. They take their time and listen. The atmosphere is relaxing and the offices and waiting area are very tastefully decorated.
March 21, 2024
Everyone is very nice and friendly and professional and polite
Grace Greenlove
March 21, 2024
I was relieved to find a provider on my insurance that was close to me in New Port Richey off of hwy 54. The wait for a 1st appointment was not long. I'm new to the process of structured mental wellness and these 1st steps were not difficult. It was just taking a leap of faith. Established patients can use a telehealth virtual visits for therapy.
Steve Lamrock
March 12, 2024
I really cannot say enough about the staff. From check-in to Drs/PAs everyone is thoughtful and professional and beacon provides a safe place to explore your mental health. They also are the first place to use the DSM 5 as a way to obtain an accurate diagnosis. Most places just make you fill out very jaded paperwork and after five mins tell you their "expert" opinion. Beacon actually takes the time to help you figure it all out. Worth the call.